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'Too Slow To Disco - Volume 3' - this is bottled sunshine! A bunch of beautiful songs that might have missed the charts, but can still break your heart.
We present, "Too Slow to Disco -Volume 3". Another incredible collection of songs that gleam with the high definition gloss of big-studio, bigger-budget production. Volume 3‘s another excursion into those late 1970s West Coast delusions of grandeur, sure...but in the company of songs that are also brimming over with soul, wit and passion. Killer tunes, penned and played by virtuosic instrumentalists, backroom gals and guys who were often also Grammy-winners in their own right. All the elements that have made "Too Slow to Disco Volumes 1 and 2" (and “The Ladies” Edition) so beloved from New York to London to Barcelona to Bottrop, are back for another round of near-danceable lushness. This smooth wave continues to ripple round today’s music world too. You’ll have found us blinking with joy as we read that jazz bassist-to-the-stars Thundercat has recently released a new single with Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, and even dedicated his entire new album to “The West Coast”. And even The XX can’t seem to escape the lure of Hall & Oates on their new single “On Hold”. For their second single “Say Something Lovin’” they even chose to sample one of the tracks from TSTD Vol 1, the Alessi Brothers –Do You Feel It. As ever, DJ Supermarkt has somehow prised open another box of obscure gems keeping to his usual concept: all killer, no filler, selected and sequenced to bring out the mood of the era. Lyrically the focus remains on slightly difficult love affairs backed by grooves gentle enough to mix cocktails to. Slow dancing is encouraged, fast dancing...well you know our views on that.

We’ve got an accidental pop hit crossover from none-more-fusion jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour. A dab of Christian funk from Archie Cavanaugh and his troupe.You’ll even find a bizarrely funky and commercial sounding Grateful Dead laying down the chart-bothering beat of ‘Shakedown Street’ (we assume the A+R guy had a gun...true story: it took DJ Supermarkt about four years to get this nailed, the track was supposed to appear on Vol 1 already. We now have the official okay of the band!). Elsewhere Steely Dan’s go-to sax man, Cornelius Bumpus makes an appearance with some angular funk, while Larry Carlton (another associate of Don and Walter) turns up the guitar drenched white soulon ‘Where did you come from?’.

And we’ve looked beyond L.A. this time, discovering a few exotic exponents of the West Coast sound from more distant shores. Our first non-English sung TSTD track comes in the shape of Dwight Druick, legendary Canadian songwriter, delivering a fine slice of Montreal disco-funk. Then there’s the groovesome Stars’n’Bars from Sweden (in its first ever official re-release),and even two acts from the UK with Vapour Trails and the amazing Billy Mernit, with a lush torch song we’ve been desperately chasing for years.


Patrick says: Too Slow To Disco - Volume 3 - this is bottled sunshine! A bunch of beautiful songs that might have missed the charts, but can still break your heart! Volume 3 features Balearic unclassic "Stars And Bars", Lee Ritenour's "Is It You" and Grateful Dead's frazzled disco winner "Shakedown Street".


01. Lee Ritenour – Is It You?
02. Bob Welch –Don’T Let Me Fall
03. Pratt & Mcclain –Whachersign (Extended Version)
04. The Cornelius Bumpus Quartet –Inside You
05. David Gates –Silky
06. Weldon Irvine –I Love You
07. The Markley Band –Fallin’ In Love
08. Vapour Trails -Do The Bossa Nova
09. The Fifth Avenue Band -One Way Or Another
10. Mark Capanni –I Believe In Miracles
11. Grateful Dead –Shakedown Street
12. Dwight Druick –Quand Tu Te Laisse Aller
13. Archie James Cavanaugh –Take It Easy
14. Rob Mehl –Taste And See
15. Larry Carlton –Where Did You Come From
16. Jeremy Spencer Band -Cool Breeze17 Stars ’N’ Bars –Stars And Bars
18. Billy Mernit -Special Delivery

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