CitiZen Of Peace

Humanature / Heart Dance Remixes

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Super limited, quite expensive (blame the weak £££ on imports..) but really quite phenomenal new cosmic music here from our friends all the way over in Japan. CitiZen of Peace remixed By two Japanese legends - Kuniyuki Takahashi (Mule Musiq) & Fukagawa Kiyotaka aka Calm. On the A-side, Fukagawa Kiyotaka's legendary & long-running Calm project greatly expands on the original, resulting in a completely natural, earthly and overwhelmingly beautiful piece which shimmers like a breeze blowing through a sun-dappled forest. Evocative piano flurries meet light and gentle percussion, strings undulate with the breeze and sampled choirs and other ethereal elements are added to the most cerebral of mix downs. Nothing short of epic this folks, and immediately worth the (unusually high) entrance fee. Onto track two and it's another reason to be cheerful (and to quickly proceed to checkout!) as a plodding, slo-mo cosmic beast leisurely unveils itself. Possessing another magically ethereal vibe, Kuniyuki Takahashi (also of Joe Claussell's Natural Resource fame) blends electronic elements with bird song, auto-tuned vox and undulating pads, smudging and blending things like a highly detailed but hazy, blurred watercolour. Seriously, two of the most beautiful and unique tracks we've had so far this year. You need! 


Patrick says: Perfect for either a Kickin' Pigeon Vision Quest or Coastin' lock in, this exquisite double header from the Land of the Rising Sun delivers sublime melodies, cascading rhythms and warm cosmic vibrations throughout. It might be a little pricey, but this is one of those beauties you'll cherish for the rest of your life. Truly sublime!

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