General Purpose (Len Leise And Salvador Ricardo)

Blow In The Bag - Inc. Anton Klint Remix

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General Purpose

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After opening their account with the whacked out art-funk of Len Leise's "Ing", Antipodean groove-peddlers General Purpose (Len and Salvador Ricardo) team up with Sweden's Anton Klint to offer new rhythms for midnight movement. Packing the Ute with their tie dye safari gear, acid washed overnight bags and encyclopedia of psychoactive wildlife, Len and Ricky jump straight to third gear, fourth base and fifth dimension to roar up the rainbow road into the infinite jungle beyond. Surrounded by the immersive echo of exotic wildlife and humid rhythm of primitive percussion, the General Purpose duo get spiritual with moonlit pads, lysergic sequences and rubberised bass. Grab the incense and body paints, it's "Suck Of The Sav". The A2 sees Tryck & Ton associate Anton Klimt hop in the back of the truck, tearing up the tarp and cackling like a madman as he savages the original with horror show bass-work and psychodelic techno thrust. If you swapped Reese's monochrome Detroit for the neon hues of a Star Trek landing scene, you'd be lost in the musical magic of this tripped out gem. Screeching to a halt in a cloud of Strzelecki Desert dust, our adventurers ditch the jalopy and wrangle a little of the local wildlife for the next leg of their legendary journey. As "Slim Dusty" lurches past the billabongs and coolibahs I can see Len atop a kangaroo while Ricardo rides a cassowary, harnessing the prehistoric bass rumble and rhythmic bounce as they beat around the bush. Fairlight vocal idents add a little acid-laced charm to proceedings while the weird and warped groove gives us all the fun of pronouncing Australian words (so bouncy!) in musical form. WTF in the best way, this is the 12" equivalent of a duck billed platypus - inexplicable, incongruous and completely irresistible.


Patrick says: Len Leise and GP buddy Salvator Ricardo go wild in the country on their second release, treating us to a tour de force of analogue psychedelia and Antipodean charm. Acid laced rainforest business glides through weirdo disco territories to arrive in the shimmering heat of the desert. Bonza!


A1. Suck Of The Sav
A2. Suck Of The Sav (Anton Klimt Re-interpretation)
B1. Slim Dusty

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