Cody ChesnuTT

My Love Devine Degree

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One Little Indian

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Cody ChesnuTT returns after a 15 year hiatus (bar a couple of singles) with a brand new album, "My Love Devine Degree". Achieving universal acclaim, not to mention Piccadilly Records' much coveted, 'Album Of The Year' award, "The Headphone Masterpiece" cemented this neo soul / R&B star's status way back in 2002. Fans of that honest, pure, bedroom produced style have got a lot to get excited about here as it's another heartfelt delivery straight from the bed sheets of this smooth talking street bard. Languid and sprawling, second track, "Africa The Future" must clock in at over 8 minutes while the full album effortlessly takes in sixteen full length tracks! Taking in rock, soul and Isley Brother-style songwriting, all somehow injected with raw R&B flavour, what becomes quickly apparent is how deft and effective ChesnuTT is at delivering emotion rich vocals in whatever style or genre he's choosing to work in. Track's like "So Sad To See" take on complicated arrangements in tune with new jazz stars like Jacob Collier. While wry commentaries on love and relationships come into focus on "I Stay Ready". Definitely a more mature album, with slightly more polished production, don't worry though, it still feels like your sat there, right next to Cody in his bedroom as he sings his thoughts and feelings directly into your ear. Another contender for album of the year..? Very possibly.

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