Iury Lech

Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos

Image of Iury Lech - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos
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Cocktail D'Amore Germany

About this item

Iury Lech is a transdisciplinary artist of Ukrainian origin part of the few pioneers in the Spanish electronic and digital audio-visual scene that began to develop during the 80's.

His open and unclassifiable style made of eerie sonic atmospheres, arrhythmic structures and dense textures create hypnotic ambiance and a new way to conceive experimentalism.

Wrongly described as New Age music at that time, "Musica para el fin de los cantos" is a stunning and deeply emotive ambient work, that stares down at the eternal enigma, giving a glimpse of Iury Lech's classical music of the future.
Iury recorded this blissful masterpiece in his Barcelona's studio in 1989. It was then published in 1990 by the unique Spanish label Hyades Arts.

It's 2017 and it's time to unearth this magical piece of vibrating chords to please your sensitive yet hungry ears. Sit back and enjoy the meditative state.


A1. Cuando Rocio Dispara Sus Flechas
A2. Barreras
A3. De La Melancolía
B1. Ukraïna
B2. Posmeridiano

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