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Oi! Nutter! (Reissue)

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"Oi! Mutter!" is Michael King featuring UK Apachi's classic jungle vocal. Initially released as a white label in 1997 at the height of the first wave of UK Garage. This EP was only pressed in limited amounts and now commands over £80 second hand. Combining THAT vocal part with a typical Reese-jungle B-line this is one of the finest hybrids of jungle and garage that has ever existed! The result of a chance find of the DAT tape. Remastered and re-cut by Music Preservation Society. An essential for any UK garage fan or people with an inkling towards sound system culture. TIP!


A1 Speed Garage (RudeBoy Mix)
A2 Two Step (mix)
B1 Soulful Garage (club Mix)
B2 Instrumental (Theme)

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