Man Power Presents Tropical Bastard

Tropical Bastard (Lord Of The Isles & Frank Butters Remixes)

About this item

Geoff Leopard aka Geoff Kirkwood aka Man Power's Tropical Bastard alias (?!?!?) gets on board the Not An Animal mothership for more of this fine producer's new take on electronic body music. "Tropical Bastard 1" finally sees Kirkwood fully submit to his cinematic leanings, with a panoramic, Italo tinged track that gives rise to a new world optimism through motorized arps and jagged gated drums. Scottish wide-screen synthscape wizzard, Lord Of The Isles provides a wigged-out remix of the track, taking very little raw material before concocting up a Soca-fused molecular alteration which seems to twist timpani melodies into oblivion while a mechanized beat motors on. "Tropical Bastard 2" opens up side B, another mechanized trip into the endless horizon. This time it's delicate, evocative panpipe melodies that accompany us on our ascension, a crystalline blue sky our destination. Frank Butters has the final say, remixing the former into a steady rhythmic exploration which utilizes a rotating arp line, powerful pad swells and fizzy hi-hats for an opiated and heady take on this lush theme. Excellent stuff here from Man Power and friends - recommended! 


A1. Tropical Bastard 1
A2. Tropical Bastard 1 (Lord Of The Isles Remix)
B1. Tropical Bastard 2
B2. Tropical Bastard 2 (Frank Butters Remix)

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