Coyote / Plastic Fantastic / Calle Gravina

Sola EP

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Look out the window, do you see the sunshine? Can you feel a breeze? Do the waves lap against the red bricks of your inner city terrace? I think it's time for a vacation - and Balearic Social have just the trip for you. After a quartet of essential releases from Eirwud Mudwasser, Zmatsutsi, Joe Morris and Tommy Awards, the Leeds' label see in the summer with a first various artists 12". Slip off the suit, tie and moorings and catch their drift.
It falls to the safe hands of Coyote to launch our vessel, introducing the A-side with emotive synth strains and snatches of guided meditation before gliding through Club Med keys, lilting bongos and steady bass tones, leaving the shoreline behind and heading for an endless ocean. Swelling, swooning or soaring over the waves, this happy marriage of movement and melody carries us off to a much better place. Drop an arm overboard and touch the cool water with your tired hands - the world wasn't meant for someone as beautiful as you. Oslo duo Plastic Fantastic return after their Aficionado exploits with a dreamy, dopamine infused serenade brought to warm-eyed perfection by Sally Rodgers' optimistic poetry. Immersive, expressive synthesis, reassuring acoustic guitar and subtle percussion each play a part in soothing your troubles away. While you were luxuriating in the opiated glow of "Give The Light Back To The Night", the good ship BSR grounded on South American shores. Thankfully, the mysterious Calle Gravina is on hand to lead us through the lush flora, making sense of tribal chants, lysergic guitar licks, froglicking synthplay and narcotic piano with an effortless groove. Hypnotic, propulsive and sweetly psychedelic, the lysergic treefrogs of "Venezuala" might warm you up nicely for what's soon to come...


Patrick says: On your marks...Get set...GO! Certain to prompt some sort of feeding frenzy amongst the mañana piranhas (Balearic mafia to the less imaginative readers out there) this various artists set on Balearic Social sees in the summer in style. Swelling waves, cushioned synthtones and gentle percussion take the lead for Coyote and Plastic Fantastic, while newcomer Calle Gravina just about steals the show with the groovesome 'Venezuela'!


A1. Coyote - Hero's Journey
AA1. Plastic Fantastic Feat Sally Rodgers - Give The Light Back To The Night 
AA2. Calle Gravina - Venezuela

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