Marcos Cabral

Pest Control

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Mule Musiq

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NYC producer Marcos Cabral coming correct with three choice weapons from his private arsenal. On the A-side we have "Pest Control", the title track and EPs dark, techy opus. Cabral's industrialized rhythms permeate through the entirity of the track, vast machines driven into frazzled intensity through repetitive processes and a monster workload. "In The Red" features fellow noise maker Entro Senestre and draws indesipherable vox backwards through an engine room flanger before rearranging with skeletal beats and glitching synth bleeps. Final track, "Standing On The Corner" sees Cabral capably explore the realms of blissed out, late night deep house; tipping his hat to the THC-soaked sounds of Vancouver along the way. Ace!


Track: 1
Artist: Marcos Cabral
Title: Pest Control
Playtime: 00:09:19

Track: 2
Artist: Marcos Cabral
Title: In The Red Featuring Entro Senestre
Playtime: 00:07:02

Track: 3
Artist: Marcos Cabral
Title: Standing On The Corner
Playtime: 00:05:22

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