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San Eco bring the vibes on this killer 7" of off-kilter electronic gems and shadowy gothic pop. The original version on the A-Side begins with swirling synths, straight out of the synthwave textbook, then leap into a jagged sycopated flurry of snappy claps and rumbling toms. Woozy bass and gravelly vocals are measuredly thrown into a melting pot of nu-soul, braindance and classic dancefloor house. It's a combination that shouldn't work in theory, but the skill with which it is composed never feels strained or incohesive, finely and skilfully toeing the line between chaos and cohesion. 

The DNCN remix on the flipside takes all of this understated beauty and transofrms in into a chaotic and cataclysmic distillation of the original's core values, swapping out the rolling bassline for insectile swirling and the infrequent, laid-back percussion cycle for a more upfront, energetic backline. This is in every way the ideal counterfoil to the original, minimising it's heartfelt swooning melodies and morphing them into a crackling high-energy stomp. 


Barry says: Brilliant two-tracker here from San Eco. Indie electronic meets soul, go for a drink in a goth club and come out inebriated and adjoined, go home for a nice kip giving DNCN time to take it to the warehouse rave later that night.


A. San Eco (Original Version)

B. San Eco (DNCN Remix)

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