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The Days We Had

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Jackson Phillips is dropping his debut album as Day Wave, The Days We Had, in May, but damn if he isn’t more polished than a first outing would suggest.

“Something Here,” the second single (after the melodically sedated “Wasting Time”) rushes forward with the sort-of hope that could only come from a “rookie” while tempering that blind faith with some lived-in logic. Even with a heavy head, Phillips insists “There’s something here” as some War on Drugs-inspired guitars whoosh past him. It’s just lovely to listen to and a wonderful sign of things to come.


01. Something Here
02. Home
03. Ordinary
04. Untitled
05. Bloom
06. On Your Side
07. Bring You Down
08. Wasting Time
09. Promises
10. Disguise
11. I’m Still Here

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