Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth

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Caldo Verde

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Sun Kil Moon is an American folk rock act from San Francisco, California, founded in 2002. Initially a continuation of the defunct indie rock band Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon is now the primary recording moniker of vocalist and guitarist Mark Kozelek. The project is named after the Korean lightweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon.

Jesu is a British experimental band formed in 2003 by Justin Broadrick following the breakup of his band Godflesh. It is named after the last song on Hymns, the final album of Godflesh's initial run. Jesu's sound is heavily layered and textured, incorporating a diverse mix of influences. Broadrick himself has stated that "it's very loosely speaking pop/rock/ metal /electronica.

The original self-titled collaborative album was first hinted at in an interview with Mark Kozelek in the January 2015 issue of Uncut magazine and finally confirmed on twitter later that year.That album grew out of a long-standing relationship between Broadrick and Kozelek. Kozelek first approached Broadrick in 2007 about a release through his label, after being impressed by a live performance in San Francisco. In 2009 Jesu released Opiate Sun through Caldo Verde Records (owned by Kozelek), and later the same year Broadrick interviewed Kozelek for the Caldo Verde website. In 2013, Kozelek covered Broadrick's band Godflesh's song "Like Rats". Broadrick and Godflesh are mentioned in "The Possum", the opening track from Sun Kil Moon's 2015 album Universal Themes


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