Nature Boy

Ruff Disco Volume One

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Frame Of Mind

About this item

Long before he rose to the top of the beatdown tree as DJ Nature, Wild Bunch affiliate Milo Johnson flipped lids and blew speakers with the rawest sampler abuse around under the name Nature Boy. It was 1992 and the loved up togetherness of nascent dance music had been replaced by the militant tribalism of a fragmented scene. Seemingly oblivious to all this, Milo took the seismic basslines of dub, psychotic keys of techno, grit of hip hop and warmth of disco and merged them all into one floor-filling fusion of multi-layered house brilliance. Back in press for 2017 courtesy of Gerd’s newly minted Frame Of Mind, this is some must have tackle!


Patrick says: Ooof! After flying out the door before it came in, the re-repress of Milo 'DJ Nature' Johnson's mega "Ruff Disco Volume One" returns. Raw, grooving and utterly unique, you're gonna come back to this one again and again!


01 Ha Ha
02 Prayer
03 Mud Up
04 Tracking
05 Unda Me
06 I'm On Fire
07 Tobago
08 Near You
09 The Living Groove
10 You Want
11 The Major Enemy
12 Things You Do To Me

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