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Danzas Electricas

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Macadam Mambo

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Those freaky French folks at Macadam Mambo serve up something special for their second release of 2017, inviting a crowd of friends and family to offer their own take on some lesser known new/neue/nouvelle/no wave winners. United under Sacha's 'metallic vibe', the weird and wired collection of post-punk, synth-pop and experimental oddities get twisted and tripped into dark dance-floor creepers for the Metal Dance / Pudel / Salon crowds. Whether you do der mussolini or dance the Adolf Hitler, this collection of ring modulated basslines, snapping drum machines, serrated synthery and monotone vocals should have you dancing like the mashed meccano man at the start of the Lowdown! 


Patrick says: Macadam Mambo enlist an all star line up for a double LP + bonus 7" set of weird 'wave' edits. Joining the dots between Gigolo's New Deutsch, Trevor Jackson's Metal Dance and Bahnsteig 23's reign of club craziness. Ace!


A1. Human Flesh ''Monarch In My Kingdom'' (Kilian Krings Ajustement) 4:33
A2. Sm Nurse ''Dare To Die'' (Dunkeltier Restauration) 5:18
A3. Frieder Butzmann & Thomas Kapielski ''Do The Vopo'' (Panoptique Ajustement) 5:54
B1. (Mori Ra Ajustement) 6:37
B2. (Tnemetsuja Reitleknud / Dniknnam Rebo) ''Gnos Yppah'' 6:25
C1. Armand Frydman ''Vox'' (Shiny Boots Ajustement) 4:23
C2. Futurologischer Congress ''Korperwarme'' (Misha Geleyn Ajustement) 5:42
C3. Bunnydrums ''Too Much Time'' (Smagghe & Cross Ajustement) 6:01
D1. Stefan Egger ''Power Synthi'' (Sneakers Bakalao Ajustement) 6:21
D2. The Client Brothers ''Punk Funk'' (Guillaume Des Bois Ajustement) 5:04
D3. ''Love Mission'' (Dunkeltier Ajustement) 6:24
E. Dacapo ''Cogito'' (Sacha Mambo Ajustement) 4:46
F. Jan Fex ''Drömmar Håller Mig Vaken'' (Johan Ressle Ajustement) 3:58

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