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To Africa / Soul Makossa

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Italian stallion, karate champion and dancefloor doyen Pino Presti strikes again - rolling up his pastel sleeves for a limited edition EP containing three unreleased songs from his 80s music archive. Sticking with Best after their excellent reissues of super tight disco bangers 'Funky Bump' and 'You Know The Way', Presti glides into a Balearic mood, packing the Ambre Solaire and Speedos for a cocktail hour killer. The A-side takes off with the soaring, slamming and supremely groovy "To Africa/Soul Makossa", a divine bit of peaktime Mediterranea pairing those killer horns with a snapping drum machine beat and slick electronic bassline (think Enzo Avitabile's "Blackout") and some sultry synth action dripping in summertime funk. Over on the flipside the tempo drops drastically for a coastal cover version of Bill Withers' timeless "Ain't No Sunshine". Butter smooth sax licks, chorus soaked keys and cinematic bass licks combine into a slow rolling groove before Pino's hushed vocals take us right to the White Isle. Closing the set in suitably sunkissed style is "I Call Your Name / Come Back To Me", a sweet soul stepper born out of synth mallets, airy flute and a wonderfully cheesy chord progression.


Patrick says: Not only is this an EP of unreleased heat from the mighty Pino Presti, it's also the most balls-out Balearic thing you're gonna hear for quite some time. On the A-side we get a synth disco stormer in the "Blackout" tradition, while the flip holds two slower and smoother slices of majestic Mediterranea. Bravo!


A1. To Africa/Soul Makossa
B1. Ain't No Sunshine
B2. I Call Your Name/Come Back To Me

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