Run The Jewels

Record Tote Bag And Gold Pin Set

Image of Run The Jewels - Record Tote Bag And Gold Pin Set

About this item

Fresh off the enormous success of their latest release, Run The Jewels 3 (No. 1 on Billboard's Rap, Indie & Physical charts), plus an almost entirely sold out North American tour, Run The Jewels are back with another extra special offering once again. Killer Mike and El Producto introduce a fresh new Record Tote bag - made with recycled cotton canvas and featuring an 8 screen print by artist Nick Benson. To top it off, the tote comes with a kick-ass gold pin set of the classic RTJ pistol and fist logo. And they're not done there.. In keeping with their storied adventures in cutting-edge expression, and building on last year's hit release of their VRTJ-branded virtual reality viewers, the dynamic duo have launched ARTJ, a groundbreaking Augmented Reality campaign & platform. Fans who purchase the tote and download the ARTJ app will receive an extra special surprise when they hold their phone camera up to the image on the bag, and can also use it to access a landscape of additional ARTJ content experiences.

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