Seekers International

Meets MX7 Inna Dancehall Showdown

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ICS Library Records

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Exceptional release from an infrequent but much welcome visitor to Piccadilly Records: Toronto's SeekersInternational deconstruct dub, dancehall and soundsystem culture down to its bare ether, base molecules and reversed alchemistry, piecing back the fragments into a thoroughly lysergic and hallucinatory collage. Possibly the most abstract and yet instantly recognizable mutation that the dub cannon has thrown up in recent years, these cats are the real deal, building tape delays, sirens and fx themselves whilst working with artists across the dub spectrum and indeed the world pushing the movement forward under a wave of modernity and post-everything chaos. Riding on waves of delay and looped repetition, SKRS rarely need beats to carry their tracks along, instead relying on chopped pirate radio snippets, rude boy soundsystem shout outs and the natural undulation of space echo to form incomprehensible but highly addictive grooves that transverse normal dancefloor mechanics and head for something altogether more cerebral. One of the most exciting things in modern music right now and criminally under looked by many (including us, until now!). You need this in your life.


Matt says: Right now, THIS is my jam! Existing in a completely alien, unique world; Sun Araw and James Ferraro may well have orbited this planet at some stage. Completely far-out 'dub' in the loosest sense of the world. Holographic refractions from dancehall, pirate radio and soundsystem culture existing as a sonic philosophers stone permanently suspended in the ether of space time.

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