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The world has finally caught up with Slowdive. A band whose reach goes far beyond just influencing music is back, with their first new album in 22 years.

The album is called ‘Slowdive’ - self-titled in an echo of their debut EP from 1990, and is remarkably direct.

Deftly swerving what co-vocalist/guitarist Rachel Goswell terms “a trip down memory lane”, these eight new tracks are simultaneously expansive and the sonic pathfinders’ most direct material to date.

Self-titled with quiet confidence, Slowdive’s stargazing alchemy is set to further entrance the faithful while beguiling a legion of fresh ears.


Martin says: It’s been 22 years since the release of ‘Pygmalion’. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume then that the world had heard the last of Slowdive. It was only out of curiosity and old times sake then the CD ended up on the Piccadilly player, with no expectation of a repeat. Except that it’s utterly beautiful. Right from the majestic opener “Slomo”, a work of iridescent beauty where a bed of Cocteau Twins guitar is underpinned to gorgeous effect by sparse bass notes, placed to perfection, the undulating heartbeat of a glistening wall of sound. Neil Halstead’s polished, almost choral delivery initiates vocal duties, before passing the baton to Rachel Goswell, whose exquisite voice soars far overhead into a spine tingling crescendo; the single “Sugar For The Pill”, is elevated into the high atmosphere by bewitching vocal harmonies courtesy of the same duo, while the churning power of “Star Roving” picks up where My Bloody Valentine left off. If “No Longer Taking Time” goes for the tried and tested loud-quiet-loud motif it does so with enough brilliance as to render that completely irrelevant. From beginning to end, ‘Slowdive’ is a joy.


1 Slomo
2 Star Roving
3 Don't Know Why
4 Sugar For The Pill
5 Everyone Knows
6 No Longer Making Time
7 Go Get It
8 Falling Ashes

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