Alessandro Alessandroni

Afro Discoteca - New Edition (Orange Cover)

Image of Alessandro Alessandroni - Afro Discoteca - New Edition (Orange Cover)
Record Label
Four Flies Records

About this item

Four Flies don the safari gear for an expedition into the extensive vaults of Italian Library titan Alessandro Alessandroni, weaving their way through filmic jazz and experimental whistles to find a long forgotten tape titled Afro Discoteca. Restoring the recordings to their former brilliance, the label treat us to four tracks of unreleased Alessandroni inspired by African rhythms, primal grooves and the Mediterranean club scene of the late ’70s. Already causing a stir amongst the European DJ elite, this is essential listening for anyone of a cosmic complexion or Balearic bent.


Patrick says: Amazing Afro-cosmic killers her from the Italian library king. Wonderfully Mediterranean but with nods to Africa and outer space this four tracker got snapped up by the Balearic bods first time round. Take this second chance, you won't get another!


A1 Afro Voodoo – 3:53
A2 Afro Darkness – 3:15
A3 Afro Discoteca – 3:08
A4 Afro Sentiment– 3:08

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