Soul Reductions

Got To Be Loved

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Take Away

About this item

Buzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!! Take Away turn the deep fat fryer up to 11 for release number three, enlisting Soul Reductions to drop one of the hottest peaktime scorchers of recent memory. Taking me back to the endless sunshine of the very late nineties, the London outfit loop up a riotous bit of disco heat before working the filters to the max and serving the whole thing on a slamming house 4/4. Jazzy guitar licks, rolling keys, drifting synthwork and a massive mainroom vocal all combine into the perfect bit of peaking summertime house - enjoy with your shirt off and your shades on. Things are no less banging on the flipside as "A Rose Is A Rose" heats a boogie banger from a simmer to a rolling boil, adding percolating bongo led percussion and a fat kick drum to beef up those glossy synth licks. A-grade foot fuel for the disco dancers and house heads!


Got 2 Be Loved
A Rose Is A Rose

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