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Parallel Dimensions

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As the infamous start of year clear out continues, we've found some CD copies of this incredibly popular Theo Parrish album.

Originally released in 2000 and containing seminal tracks like "Serengeti Echoes", "Brain" and "Summertime Is Here"; it finds our lovable Detroiter on his deep, soulful and spiritual side. Turn-of-the-millenium Sound Signature was a great period for the label and it's demonstrated with style and aplomb across these nine tasty tracks.

Sealed and good as new, they've been criminally sat under a load of skwee mixtapes after a flurry of a reissue over a year ago.

Another one of those, every home needs one, type albums, especially for fans of deep house and Detroit. Bonus chance for anyone that's missed it until now! 


1. So Now What
2. Anansies Dance
3. Serengeti Echoes
4. Reaction To Plastic
5. Space Ghosts
6. Summertime Is Here
7. Brain
8. Violet Green
9. Nefarious Stranger

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