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After bursting onto the scene in the heady (hedonistic) days of French electro, Joakim has enjoyed a decade of globetrotting and cultural tourism, soaking up the sights and sounds while spinning diverse DJ sets, soundtracking fashion shows and art installations and taking on production duties for a host of A-list talent. His sixth solo LP, "Samurai", lands on the Piccadilly shelves this week, combining a whole load of stuff we love into one big lovable whole. Influenced by his journeys between NYC, Tokyo and Paris, as well as new age music and Yukio Mishima’s book, "Hagakure: Samurai Ethics & Modern Japan", the thirteen track LP glides through sequencer based ambient numbers, gentle synth pop sonnets, and wonky funk wonders to arrive at a neon-tinged cocktail of Eno's "By This River", Mac Demarco's gap toothed funk, and the magical melancholia of shop favourite Horsebeach. If ever there were an album tailor made for our collective Piccadilly passions, it's this one!


01. In The Beginning
02. Samurai
03. Numb
04. Late Night New City
05. Green Echo Mecha
06. Cannibale Pastorale
07. Exile
08. Through The Prospect Park Arch
09. Time Is Wrong
10. Mind Bent
11. Jocho
12. Not Because You’re Sad
13. Hope / Patience 

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