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Regis compiles a killer Downwards label survey for 2017 featuring excluisve new material from DVA Damas, Autumns, Grebenstein, Sefried and Layne, veering from dank EBM to collapsing industrial structures.

Downwards send their new vanguard on road with The Immortal Eye; the mood is intensely depressive and pessimistic throughout, but, in the classic sense of gothic industrial music, the impeccably maintained atmosphere conversely acts as comfort or redemption to those need it.

Berlin’s Jan Grebenstein remerges with Seefried on the tunnelling Wufferfraction only months after their excellent Strong Proud Stupid and Superior 12”. Imagine an anxious HTRK or ToC have just run out of downers and the technoid tension becomes palpable… before, the uncomfortably stark, empty-stomach concrète churn of Layne’s Love will put you back face down again.

Autumns have flirted with Clan Destine and CF Records since their Downwards debut of eviscerated shoegaze in 2014, but they enter the B-side with a markedly different silhouette, framing spectral electronics and unheimlich voices in acres of negative, miasmic space before slipping into a pulsing techno trajectory, whilst LA’s DVA Damas clear up with the erotic asphyxiation of Shortcut To X, which is effectively a crushing reduction of by now familiar sound...


Barry says: A hugely multi-faceted and impressive overview of one of the most interesting electronic labels out there today. Churning ambience, Function-esque pummeling warehouse tackle, dusty organic synth workouts and skittering saturated house, all on one 12"! Superb.


1: Grebenstein & Seefried - Wufferfraction
2: Layne - Love
3: Autumns - Imposter Syndrome
4: Dva Damas - Shortcut To X

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