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First Floor Pt.1

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Recorded in 1998 and becoming one of the most monumental and inspiring moments in deep house. It's often cited that only 30 people attended the Sex Pistols infamous Free Trade Hall gig but everyone who did started a band. Well, I reckon only 100 people bought “First Floor” first time round but everyone of them got an MPC and started making music! Incredibly, almost 20 years old it's still my favourite Theo Parrish record and was surely the catalyst to hoards of millennials digging deep into the crates of 2nd hand disco, soul and jazz records, turning their back on the beige and mass produced funky house that dominated the era. Part 1 opens with the blunted downbeat house roll of "First Floor Metaphor". Those pitched down kicks, gruff bass rumble and smoky jazz licks an early indication of TP's fearless experimentation. "Only The Beginning" sees discord and rhythm make serendipitous bedfellows as stuttered synth samples are met with rampant percussion lines and chopped vocal snips. "Sweet Sticky" is indeed the inspirational track Garth Be named his label after, such is the reverence this record carries amongst the 28 - 40 years olds of this country. Finally, "Paradise Architechts" and "Love Is War For Miles" display Theo's deft craft at building subtly intense epics, sprawling effortlessly over extended duration and delving deep and personally into every sample source used. The record plays like a full tutorial on how to get the most out of a few dusty old records and an MPC and threw two fingers up at the super expensive, highly polished studio music that was also produced at the time. Detroit always took creativity back to the bedrooms and run-down rehearsal spaces of the world, showing us how to make good with what we have and that the real musical power lies within. Essential.


Matt says: Much needed repress of one of Theo's finest moments. I must confess, out of my price range for some time (I was only 13 years old when it first came out), it became somewhat of a holy grail amongst me and one Ste Spandex. Good things come to those who wait! :)


1. First Floor Metaphor
2. Only The Beginning
3. Sweet Sticky
4. Paradise Architechts
5. Love Is War For Miles

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