Jonny Teardrop

No Problemo

Image of Jonny Teardrop - No Problemo
Record Label
Rouge Mécanique

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Slip on your shades, shut the curtains and find some Dutch courage, you're about to hear the debut LP from Jonny Teardrop. Inspired by Native American peyote songs, using his Jaguar as a bass and drum samples from obscure Japanese crust punk songs, the Jonny charges through 13 snarling blasts of dark wired sound snapping polaroids and conjuring fragments of memories. Gritty, corrosive and raw, "No Problemo" adopts the grunge and gloom of Royal Trux, Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire and JAMC to take me all the way back to drunken nights stumbling through the dark of Retro Bar with a warm Red Stripe in hand. A short movie made of 13 scenes, written by himself and directed by Louis Vignat will be presented alongside the album. The 13 videos will be your introduction to Jonny's weird and complex universe; a door that won't be easily closed once opened. 


Patrick says: Jonny Teardrop makes his debut on Rouge Mécanique with thirteen blasts of corrosive post punk energy. Essential listening for fans of The Kills, JAMC, Suicide and Whitey, this is the stuff of nightmares and eyeliner. All hailz the Dark Wired Sound!


A1. Shave My Head
A2. Shotgun
A3. 4AM
A4. Secret Death
A5. No Mercy
A6. Gluey World
A7. Suburb Kid
B1. The Room
B2. Eden Rebel
B3. Dodge
B4. Fragment
B5. Internal Server Error
B6. So I Trudged Upstairs

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