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MATT LAMKIN and MATTHEW MCLOUGHLIN were high school friends who started the MUSLIMS in 2007, indulging in their love for the Modern Lovers, punk rock and power pop. The band released a self-titled LP on 1928 Records and a 7” on I Hate Rock n Roll before changing their name to the SOFT PACK and releasing LPs on Mexican Summer and Kemado, culminating in a performance on David Letterman in 2012 and a video with Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mr. Show, etc.

In 2013, Lamkin moved to Ensenada, Mexico, and began building a life there and slowly writing the songs that would eventually make up his self-titled LP, Where I’m Matt. Lamkin and his band will tour the West Coast along with Silver Shadows.

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