Loss Of Gravity


Image of Loss Of Gravity - Sotterranea
Record Label
Cosmic Rhythm

About this item

Italy's Cosmic Rhythm continues to be a crucial force for 2017 as Loss Of Gravity issue a killer statement of intent. Four tracks of unfathomably deep vibrations, loosely falling into house music's heady framework. Although heavily dreamy and completely unhurried, these tunes could well be worked into a dancefloor-centric collection; their forward-propelled nature and enveloping focus sure to wrap any dancer up in a cushion of post-coital, synthetic bliss. Expertly constructed and arranged they bring to mind a hazy and refracted tribute to Ron Trent's 'Electric Blue' series. Ace.


A1. Intensity
A2. Dreamatic
B1. Waves
B2. Sotterranea

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