The Pigeon Detectives

Broken Glances

Image of The Pigeon Detectives - Broken Glances
Record Label
Dance To The Radio

About this item

The fifth album from British indie-rock band, The Pigeon Detectives. The band has returned to their old label 'Dance To The Radio' and have worked with producer Richard Formby. We've got some high hopes for this album and we definitely think it'll be their most reflective and personal one yet.

“On this album we felt we owed it to [our fans] to deliver something real that documents the journey we’ve all been on together. If you listen hard enough and take some time over the record, you’ll realise it’s an ode to everyone that’s ever bought an album or turned up to a show.” - Matt Bowman


1. Wolves
2. Lose Control
3. Munro
4. Enemy Lines
5. Sounding The Alarm
6. Falling In Love
7. A Little Bit Alone
8. Stay With Me
9. Postcards
10. Change My World

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