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We've had the spring equinox and a brand new Begin record land this week; it can mean only one thing - England's short but glorious summer has arrived! Seven years and eight records later, James Holroyd's blissfully Balearic, electronically propelled project revs up its engines for a speedboat cruise across the Adriatic's many coves and harbors. "Let's Talk'" eases us in with lush Begin mellowness, as undulating pads wash against some highly sensual piano chords, carried towards the beach on lolloping beats and steady waves of anticipation. "Aight" glows with all the optimistic radiance of a holiday in the sun. Begin cleverly layering up multiple takes of a disco vocal to great effect as the rising strings and keys flood the track with dopamine-releasing frequencies. "Cut The Paste" graces side B and is a tour de force of New Beat inspired chug, sounding exactly like an early morning, strobe-lit Boccaccio moment, while simultaneously basking in the midday sun. Begin's flair behind the synthesizers becoming more than apparent through some beautifully executed synth fills and intricate little nuances he litters through the track. Begin 8 remains just as essential as the rest, making this a flawless label so far - demonstrated in the high prices early releases fetch 2nd hand and current reviews of Begin's live show citing it as 'one of the highlights from Love International 2016'. Look out for more stuff some one of MCR's finest exports. Essential stuff.


Matt says: It's not officially summer until we get the first Begin record of the year. And now its here. Rejoice and be happy!


A1. Let's Talk
A2. Aight
B. Cut The Paste

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