Space, Time And Beyond - Selected Works 1986 - 2013

Image of Akis - Space, Time And Beyond - Selected Works 1986 - 2013
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Into The Light

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What a time to be alive! Despite all manner of geo-political tomfuckery clattering from country to country, the music lovers out there continue to put their all into reviving the finest lost sounds for the good of mankind. Into the Light continue their contribution to world peace with a splendid assemblage of 17 tracks of mostly previously unheard material by Athens based composer Akis Daoutis, recorded wither in his hometown or during his time studying in the USA in the mid-eighties.
Tracing a line through the stylistic changes in his career, the tracklist spans thirty years of compositions, "Christmas" being the earliest recording (1986) and the closing track "My Haunting Sins" the most recent (2016). Aside from the two inclusions from his elusive "Into the Light" LP (worth the entry fee alone), "Space, Time and Beyond" includes some really special features, namely three tracks from his ultra rare "Akis Love" cassette tape that was released privately and only in 100 limited copies. Moreover you can find two extracts from his 40 minute one take suite "New Age Rising". This collection perfectly showcases the full diversity and flawless quality of Akis' thrity year career, shifting from hypnotic ambience to dark and unwordly explorations using Xenakis' UPIC musical tool, and from his late 90s/early 00s soundtrack contributions back to new age lift music for a brighter societal future. Clear a little space on your shelf and welcome this genius in your life.


Patrick says: Look, the world might be going to shit all around us, but when the needle hits that deep groove, this LP will provide a lifetime of brain-smoothing and soul soothing with it's primal frequencies and cleansing tones.

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