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VANT release their eagerly anticipated debut album ‘DUMB BLOOD’ on Parlophone. The fiery punk and visceral alt-rock that pulsates throughout ‘DUMB BLOOD’ is music that incites moshpit bedlam and their lyrics demand discussion – on environmentalism, inequality, racism, religion, social media isolation and the all-out self-destruction of mankind. 

“Each song is an exhilarating, blood-pumping punk thriller. This is a band on a rapid upswing, ascending at lightning speed, and the world will have to do their bit to be able to keep up.” – DIY – review of 29/11/16 Scala gig.


Barry says: Crashing full-force melodic punk anthems, replete with fuzzed-out guitars, snarling vocal delivery and lo-fi solos. Melodic, dynamic fist-pumping anthemic rock, pushing through with a combination of catchy hooks and hefty production. Highly recommended.

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