Jan Van Den Broeke

11000 Dreams - Reissue

Image of Jan Van Den Broeke - 11000 Dreams - ReissueImage of Jan Van Den Broeke - 11000 Dreams - Reissue
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So far so far out for Stroom, who continue their journey through the lesser thumbed pages of the Belgian underground with this sublime retrospective of art-house hero and ambient music weirdo Jan Van Den Broeke. Famed for his wavy, sample heavy synth compositions as Absent Music, The Misz and June 11, Van Den Broeke made an appearance on Alain Neffe's Insane Music imprint, with the lo-fi tropicalia of "The Desert" (included here folks). Falling somewhere between Spike, Marc Barreca, Eno's poppier moments and the bedsit anxiety of a Flying Nun band, the music collected on "11000 Dreams" beguiles, intrigues and transfixes us with its introverted magic. Working with a minimalist set up of drum machines, guitar, synth and spoken vocal, Van Den Broeke pursues his own unique musical path to create a sound which falls into a flawless musical no man's land - Absent Music indeed! So, if you dig on Balearic, minimal wave or ambient sounds, you NEED this in your life.


A1. White Bird
A2. Akahito
A3. My Lesbian Girlfriends
A4. The Monkey House
A5. The Desert
A6. A La Recherche De BL
A7. Free At Last
B1. Jehudah
B2. Who Is Still Dreaming?
B3. Memories
B4. The Luckiest Man
B5. A Peaceful Vale

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