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Love Creation open their wax account with a frankly MASSIVE slab of edit wax, which may or may not be inspired by occasional Piccadilly customer and undeniable dance music hero DJ Harvey. That's right, the surf-crazed, DMT fuelled boundary pusher has been known to play each of the tracks revisited here, and if it's in his record bag, it should be in yours! Leaving the beard strokers to flounder in the depths of an internet message board, Love Creation immediately bypass any elitist obscurities and plump for a proper unclassic, offering a respectful yet rocking edit of "Hypno Dance" by Who's Who. Released in 1980 by Daniel Vangarde (Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk's dad don't you know!), the original is a stunning bit of chugging, groove heavy euro-disco packed with the exotic sitar riffs and mysterious melodies which make it a mega Balearic crossover. You'll be pleased to know that the 'disco donk' is nowhere in sight on this one, leaving us free to hypno dance to our hearts delight while this unfussy extension grooves through the speakers. Flipping the disc we get treated to a moment of deep relaxation via the "Beached Intro", a echo treated reversion of Beach Boys wordless hymn "Our Prayer", famously utilized by Harv at the start of his "Sarcastic Study Masters" mix. Last but not least we get a flange-filled, tempo tweaked, fx soaked redub of dark new wave gem "I Wanted To Tell Her" by Ministry (Yes, that Ministry). Taken from the goth-metallers earlier Fairlight period, "I Wanted To Tell Her" is a fucking masterpiece of sleazy bass, 80s percussion and synth pop perfection, and this mix provides an excellent, otherworldly alternative to the original. Three ace tracks, respectfully reworked and put on one piece of wax - yes please!


Patrick says: Love Creation make an instant impression with this debut release, harking back to the glory days of edit-mania with three choice reworks for the disco/Balearic DJ. Dig in for dope versions of Who's Who, Beach Boys and Ministry!


A1. Hypnodance (Love Creation Long Edit)
B1. Beached Intro
B2. I Wanted To Tell Her (Love Creation Edit)

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