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"Good Feeling", released in the summer of 2015, marked the return of Jay W. McGee from Michigan/USA, one of the most distinctive voices of the boogie era during the Eighties. Recorded by Hamburg/Germany producer team and boogie crew The Unbelievable Two. "Good Feeling" was an authentic and soulful translation of Jay W. McGee's vocal and songwriter style into the new millennium.

McGee and The Unbelievable Two's Mzuzu became friends and stayed in touch, making more fresh music. The result is a double A-side, "Perfection" and "Love In Motion". While "Perfection is an irresistible, uptempo boogie tune designed for the disco dance floor, the ballad "Love in Motion" is one of the stand-out cuts from the recent session of this multi-generation, cross-continental boogie crew.


Love In Motion 

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