Lucas Croon

Schlachthof Aufnamen

Image of Lucas Croon - Schlachthof Aufnamen
Record Label
Themes For Great Cities

About this item

It's a double drop from Dusseldorf this week as Lucas Croon supplies the twelth release in the totally essential Themes For Great Cities catalogue. No stranger to the label after previous appearances as a member of Stabil Elite and in collaboration with Carsten Dämbkes (of run-out groove/mega mastering fame), Lucas perfectly judges the vibe here, switching between chilly kosmishce, horizontal synth voodoo and hypnotic house abstractions over three  expansive cuts. Opening cut "Urania" holds us in its icy grasp from the get go, massaging temples with structural synth work, while mechanical textures and klingklang percussion keep the blood pumping at a regulation 120bpm. Perfect for your next neo-noir adventure into a greyscale mega-city, this is the soundtrack to high-rise trains, holgraphic adverts and chrome-cast dystopias, eventually bursting through the high-polished glass and falling into an opiated nightmare. A2's "Flötenmelodie" offers a moment's respite from all that futurist gloom, finding Croon slowly tesselating a beautiful collage of pulsating sequences, organic percussion and moonlit synthleads into something almost Balearic...B-side cut "Türkischer Tee" sees a caffinated Croon shift through the gears in peak-time mode, swerving the straightforward 4/4 in favour of a polyrhythmic, afro-beat shuffle, perfectly suited to the jazzy keyboard abstractions at play above. Restless, hypnotic and entirely immersive, the track boasts a heady sound akin to Spirutal Life, Wania or vintage Feedelity though really it exists in its own weird headspace. As infectious as they come despite a whole load of melodic complexity, this should be the secret weapon in any forward thinking DJs bag. 

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