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Little Flower

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Two Flowers

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It's the return of Piccadilly's favourite tropical-psychedelic-house-reggae-disco-don (phew!) : PEAKING LIGHTS! There ain't much ol' Aaron Coyes can't do - maybe slamming gabba and country? - but I'm not ruling them out either yet. Anyway, there's a lot of excitement around this release due to two reasons. 1) It features American actress Chloë Sevigny and 2) The instrumental was personally requested by DJ Harvey's crew for the DJ overlord's extended use. The vocal version features Chloë Sevigny with a beautiful melancholic yet powerful chant to Saint Therese, an alchemical figure who’s words 'What matters in life is not great deeds but great love' ring true through time. Peaking Lights' production is a playfully psychedelic mid tempo love jam with a lot of groove. On the flip is "Conga Blue" (again with instrumental). An upbeat weirdo disco cut laying it down at 120bpm with some dreamy vocals with a catchy line 'through dark and doom can flowers bloom?'. As the solid rhythm section holds it together and melodies float by, the clav and synths ride the groove with aplomb. Sure to soundtrack many a feel-good moment of the sunnier months of the year, grab some early glow now and get those vitamin D levels up well in advance.


Matt says: Harvey-approved tropical disco business here from shop favourite Peaking Lights.


1. Little Flower Featuring Chloë Sevigny
2. Little Flower Instrumental
3. Conga Blue
4. Conga Blue Instrumental 

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