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Orchestral Variations

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This summer, Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite, Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, Editors’ Justin Lockey and his brother James came together to release their debut album as Minor Victories. Currently in the midst of a run of live shows throughout Europe, the band are pleased to announce their utterly stunning instrumental interpretation of the self-titled record, entitled Orchestral Variations.


Barry says: What better way to hear the gorgous backdrops and impeccable arrangements behind the brilliant Minor Victories album than by hearing the instrumentals all on their resplendent tod. Soaring strings, beautifully poignant interludes and heart-breakingly serene segues. A fantastic companion piece for those who enjoyed the first, and a truly stunning stand-alone for those who didn't.


1. Cogs (Orchestral Variation)
2. Breaking My Light (Orchestral Variation)
3. The Thief (Orchestral Variation)

4. Give Up The Ghost (Orchestral Variation)
5. Scattered Ashes (Orchestral Variation)

6. Folk Arp (Orchestral Variation)
7. For You Always (Orchestral Variation)
8. A Hundred Ropes (Orchestral Variation)

9. Higher Hopes (Orchestral Variation)
10. Out To Sea (Orchestral Variation)

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