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Rhythm Section International

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Bradley met Duke Hugh in Amsterdam, when he handed him a green USB stick after a show. He played the promos in the empty club and the first track immediately grabbed his attention - he knew it was something special. When he remembered the hook to "Green Leaf" the next morning he signed the release almost instantly. Each song has its own essence, there is absolutely no filler and the entire double pack sits together as a perfect whole. Flirting with aspects of broken beat, jazz, hip hop and dreamy electronica - Duke Hugh winds together a most idiosyncratic release equally at home on the peak time dancefloor as it would be for a long road trip. Being on Rhythm Section, it's got that rich Peckham flavour present throughout, with a melting pot of cultures and styles the area's ident, Duke Hugh sets at collating said influences and sounds into one pot, the resulting brew something that distills all these elements into a raw, freebased funk. "Canvas" is a big statement from an artist who's here to stay.


A1 Butterflies 2:12
A2 Greenleaf 4:31
A3 Church In The Wild 1:16
B1 Home 5:37
B2 2005 3:53
C1 Loft Nights 3:40
C2 Your Number 5:06
D1 Believe 3:48
D2 Canvas

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