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Don’t Breathe: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’

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Invada Records announce the vinyl release of Roque Baños’ chilling score to the US smash hit ‘Don’t Breathe’, in conjunction with Lakeshore Records.

Baños, who has previously worked with the film’s director Fede Alvarez on the remake of ‘Evil Dead’, has crafted a truly unforgettable score combining harrowing atmospheric textures with sudden plunges into faster paced, pounding passages: a contrast executed with a unique and modern perspective.

Baños’ score is reminiscent of works by composers such as Brian Reitzell (‘Hannibal’, ‘30 Days Of Night’) and Gustavo Santaolalla (‘The Last Of Us’), whilst still maintaining his own unique style heard in previous works such as in ‘The Machinist’ and ‘Evil Dead’.

‘Don’t Breathe’ received the highest box office results in 2016 on its opening weekend and was rated the biggest film in the US upon its release.

This release is housed in a gatefold sleeve and comes complete with double sided printed inner which features additional artwork and credits.


The Abandoned Neighborhood
Let’s Do This One
Approaching The House
The Blindman Liar
Money Dies
The Safe Box
Let’s Get Out Of Here
Indoor Chasing
Dog Hunting
Trapped In The Car
Back To The Car
Leaving Town
Don’t Breathe Credits

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