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Hitting the shelves hot on the heels of Granite's excellent reissue of 'Syn-Ka' comes this top Rush Hour 12" featuring more Claude Rodap goodness. Working his synthetic magic across three tracks, the West Indian musician drifts his way through serves up dreamy prog-zouk and abstract futurism. In the early eighties, a time where French Caribbean musicians were searching for their own sound, Claude Rodap mixed traditional Gwo-Ka, Bel Air, Biguine with synthetic sounds, resulting in magical, adventurous outcome, the recently reissued 'Syn-Ka'. The three tracks here were recorded in the nineties and noughties, the result of more than a decade of deliberate experimentation. EP opener "Hiwa" breezes across the dancefloor like a warm tropical wind, setting energized bodies in motion with rattling percussion, airy synth flute and thick bass tones. "Paco" sees Claude revisit the fusion stylings of "Syn-Ka", topping moist funk guitars with dreamy vocoder and free jazz riffing as the syncopated rhythm powers on. Finally "Zouklove" finds Rodap reclining on the shore as acoustic guitar dances with weaving synthlines and sunkissed textures. Futuristic, sensuous and tropical sounds for your next session in the holodeck.


Matt says: Beautifully textured, pretty wonky and fully invigorating stuff here for fans of Prins Thomas, Vakula, Seahawks etc.

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