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I Feel The Rhythm

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Ron Trent's masterpiece from 1993 "I Feel The Rhythm" back again with an official remaster. Now with the added bonus of including the killer Paul Johnson remix from 1999 (on Prescription). There's none that did 90s deep house quite as well as Ron Trent, and this is one of the best examples of the genre. Sounds literally burst from the wax, with liquid synths, jittering chords and chiming FM bells encompassing a buoyant deep house groove. With one of Big Ron's gloriously long arrangement, it invites the listener to get totally lost in its tantalizing, feel good energy. On the flip Inner Experience provide the first revision, taking the track out of the church and into celestial realms. Floaty but direct, this blissed-out slice of house power should ensure a whole portion of the floor dances eyes-wide-shut, with carefree abandon and tangible pleasure. Finally, Paul Johnson unloads his clickity, jacking drum patterns onto the foundations of the track, keeping true to the OG but adding a different rhythm for the dancers. This is the first time all three versions have appeared on one 12" - don't sleep!


Matt says: Massive, massive re-ish here from Big Ron. The first time all three essential mixes of "I Feel Rhythm" have been collated on one disc. You need!


A. Ron Trent - I Feel The Rhythm
B1. Inner Experience Revision
B2. Paul Johnson Remix

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