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Good Measure EP Part 1

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While the rest of the world basks in the 'Body Glo' of a dreamy label debut from Australia's Bronze Savage, Moonboots & Boardman are straight back to business, uniting a diverse cast of Mancunian talent for a four track collaboration with clothing brand Good Measure.

After romancing our ears with the emotional pop of 'Delicious Crime' back on Nado 1001, Half Silk returns to Balearic base camp with the exotic exploits of 'Tsukimi', a coastal cooler for hot Summer nights.
Borrowing a bustling bossa from the libraries of Japan, the mystery man canters through infectious organ licks, eleki guitars and subdued synths, darting between Surf and City Pop with a trail of tape delay in his wake.

Taking the reins for the A2, King Clyde swaps the sophisticated sway of the Far East for the well-thrown shapes and vivid colours of Nigeria, packing 'Request Line' with red hot Afrobeat brilliance.
As crunchy guitar and distorted organ ride punchy drums and dexterous bass, the track swaggers out of the speakers like Shaun Ryder in a dashiki, demanding complete dance floor attendance from anyone in earshot.

Things take a turn for the sublime on the B1 as Dream Lovers deliver a suitably somnolent cover of the Vini Reilly masterpiece 'For Belgian Friends'.
While a stripped back rhythm section keeps its hypnotic time, airy guitars and metallic keys blend the sticky heat of Thai streets with Caribbean calm, laying us softly to rest on a bed of gossamer melody.

The Records We Never Made maintains that medicated pace to bring proceedings to a close with the horizontal beauty of 'On A Whispered Way', a delicate haze of melancholic downbeat for the latest night or earliest morning. The steady pulse of reverberating percussion leaves plenty of room for the gentle acoustic strum and shimmering textures which echo through the soundscape, transporting us to someplace different entirely.


Patrick says: I've been waiting for this for aaaaaages! Nado make a spectacular return with this various artists offering, boasting breezy bossa from Half Silk, thumping Afro from King Clyde, a fine Vini Reilly cover from Dream Lovers and a moment of midnight repose from The Records We Never Made. All killer, no filler folks!

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