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Psychemagik - Ritual Chants-Dance

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Eskimo Recordings

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Acclaimed digging, DJ and production duo Psychemagik return with another spectacular compilation of lost gems and cosmic grooves taken from all over the musical map. "Ritual Chants" is an earthbound odyssey from the distant stars, spanning 3 discs, respectfully embellishing Psychemagik’s taste and passion for the wonderful, the sublime and very often unusual. "Ritual Chants" skilfully shows insights into applying retro finds into a contemporary setting, much of the material acquired via world tours and capturing the excitement of finding lost jewels and sharing them to crowds across the planet. The second batch of otherworldly audio magic rolls into the party under the "Dance" banner, and that's exactly what you'll do. Whether you throw shapes to La P'tite Fred's spoken vocal roller, do the Spaghetti space strut with Ennio or lock into a hip swinging embrace with The Right Combination, you're sure to work up a sweat, and that's just on the first side. Smoother and less spaced out than "Beach", "Dance" mixes mid tempo disco with throbbing electro, leftfield funk and Italo, serving up a magical night under the mirrorball. There are winners all over the place on this dope double pack, but Mansour Sallama's clav-led "Love And Happiness" and Grant Santino's immersive "Try Love"  are doing the trick for me right now. Grab yourself a copy and set controls for the heart of the disco galaxy. 

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