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This is when things started to go full robot. Mechanical mutations with driving rhythmic percussive shudderings, synthetic melodies fight alongside scrathed synths. 

Opener 'Dael' is a prime example of this, pulling jungle drum loops click around the stereo field, fighting warped vocal samples and distorted thuds then slow down into clear-cut basses and reverberated gleaming melodies. 'Leterel' is a thumping and dystopian joy-ride through neon far-futures, full of robotic hordes and gloomy social undercurrents. 'Rotar' gives glimpses of standard rhythmic structures and sane melodic flourishes, acting as a sort of relief before the anthemic techno-funk of 'Stud'.

'Eutow' is fittingly, quite the antithesis of this, a high-passed static filled percussive piece laiden meaningfully but sparsely with 1/2 time bass swirls and solar-flare squeals.  

By the end of Tri Repetae, the robotic hordes have invariably come forth, bringing with them scraps of decimated drum machines and fractured near-melodies. It's not easy being a robot but at least they have their theme tune.


Barry says: The third in the most recent trilogy of reissues, and almost definitely the most characteristic sound we have come to know and love from Autechre. Glitchy, beautiful and devastating.


A1 Dael
A2 Clipper
B1 Leterel
B2 Rotar
B3 Stud
C1 Eutow
C2 C/Pach
C3 Gnit
D1 Overand
D2 Rsdio

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