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Toss Your Salat

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Macadam Mambo

About this item

Macadam Mambo swap the edits for the originals with another hot drop on their Trax offshoot, inviting relatively unknown trio, The Farmers, Konsnix and Heninspace to freak us the fuck out. The Farmers kick the set off with "Toss Your Salat", an odd fish which grows out of wintery dubby ambience into a thudding and chugging new beat number driven by distorto bass and crunchy drum machines. Slightly druggy and entirely deranged, this isn't the kind of track you bring home to meet your mum. We remain in European mode on the flip as Sacha Mambo tweats Konsnix' "70A-1" into an NDW / Belgian new beat banger with gloomy basswork, doomy synths and sampled vocals which sound like a distant public announcement. If you railed a rackload of ket off a knackered copy of Logic System's "Unit", then this is probably what the resulting K-hole would sound like (lazy drug cliche alert!). Last but not least we're rocking to the slow and sludgy drum box and bass of Heninspace's "Humla", a slow mo cosmic stomper repping every notch on the resonance dial. If you're looking for A Love From Outer Space and have a healthy collection of Porn Wax under your bed, this one's for you. 


A1. The Farmers - Toss Your Salat
B1. Konsnix - 70A-1 (Sacha Mix)
B2. Heninspace - Humla

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