Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Stranger Things Season 1, Vol. 1

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The spellbinding, synth-heavy soundtrack to Netflix’s 1980s-set smash hit horror ‘Stranger Things’ is being released on LP and CD through Invada Records, in all territories excluding North and South America.

With its pillowy synth-pads and rich textures, the soundtrack to volume 1 seamlessly wanders through the 80s world of ‘Stranger Things’, breeding an unthreatening serenity with a gentle shift toward a darker mood. By track 11, listeners are plunged into a nightmare before they even have time to blink; a change pulled of with uncanny grace. The score effectively taps into a unique, strange world of terror, and springs it upon the audience with considered precision.

This soundtrack is instantly reminiscent of works by John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing), Tangerine Dream and Vangelis (Blade Runner), whilst also delving into the ambience of Aphex Twin and more modern composers such as Cliff Martinez (Drive, Solaris).


Barry says: Well, I've been going on about this for some time haven't I? Even reading the track titles makes me want to watch it all over again, and then I started to listen to it. Spooky, emotive and terrifying. A perfect combination of atmospheric flourishes and driving melody. Put together in one beautiful package. Awesome.


Stranger Things
Nancy And Barb
This Isn’t You
A Kiss
Castle Byers
The Upside Down
After Sarah
One Blink For Yes
Photos In The Woods
Fresh Blood
Hanging The Lights
Biking To School
Are You Sure
Cops Are Good At Finding
No Weapons
Walking Through The Upside Down
She’ll Kill You
Run Away
No Autopsy
Joyce And Lonnie Fighting
Lights Out
Hazmat Suits
You Can Talk To Me
What Else Is There To Do
Hawkins Lab

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