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Athens Of The North

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In their long and storied career, Rochester, N.Y. residents Christopher Spraggins & The Strange Band released a total of one record. But what a record it is. "Madness" is a masterpiece of spaced out and druggy disco which takes a hint of Rick James and heads further through the looking glass with a tripped out sound that's truly unique. Syncopated percussion shuffles along under stardust keys and raspy vocals while the jazzy keys and blaring brass pierce holes in the sky. Over on the flip, "If You're So In Love" goes down the ballad route, veering into Delfonics' territory but retaining that slightly off kilter space sound. The band was introduced to the world in 1978 by Cleveland Unlimited Records who still exist to this day, unfortunately as these things go, the record failed to gain sales needed to justify further releases despite there being more recordings. Some of said recording are on the way, don't sleep as per.

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