Fuga Ronto

Invisible Escape EP

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Phantom Island

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Phantom Island's founders Kejeblos, Lexx and Foster all delivered the goods over the first two years of the young Swiss label's existence. Now Drumpoet Community's Ron Shiller teams up with longstanding friend Foster for this delicate endeavour. Hitting the studio together for the first time since their Soultourist days, the duo spent months carefully bringing the Fuga Ronto project to a simmer. Listen close and you'll hear how rigorously they tinkered around with these five precious tracks to form a story-telling, mood-setting unity. The intentional eclecticism and the adept on-point beat savviness is the common theme and makes Fuga Ronto's music hard to define. From ambrosial downbeat dubbed-out to the max (“Camel Ride”) to appeasing guitar licks, original Swiss cowbells and inspirational words (“Daydreams”) as well as a bunch of carefree anything-can-happen-mentality (“Journey Unknown”) and phoneticized Italian poetry (“L'Uomo Invisibile”) you can find the best Phantom Island has to offer on “Invisible Escape".


Patrick says: Full of the joys of spring, and with two hot new 7”s hitting shelves this week, Phantom Island repress one of their heaviest hitters, the majestic “Invisible Escape” from Fuga Ronto. Mediterranean movers, arabesque groovers and good natured sounds all round.


A1. L'Uomo Invisibile
A2. Camel Ride
B1. Far Away
B2. Journey Unknown
B3. Daydreams

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