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Neapolitan born Franco Chiari was an eclectic artist whose polymathy on the keyboard made him stand out from the crowd. He played the piano, accordion, synthesizer, vibraphone and marimba in both jazz and symphony and picked up countless acolades for his virtuoso skills. For three consecutive years (1957/58/59) he won the National Jazz referendum, was vibraphonist in the national TV Orchestra and participated in numerous important broadcasts. In this album however, originally released in 1973 and now his most sought after work, he rearranges the compositions of Mario Bertolazzi electronically with the use of synthesizer on rhythms ranging from latin beats to funk. The result is a groovy voyage through lounge funk ("Rio Tu Ed Io"), electronic oddness ("Mi Manchi Troppo"), proto chipset ("Love Rides To Montecarlo") and dusty Bossa ("Bossanova Du Du Da").


Side A:
A1 Love Ride To Montecarlo
A2 Ufo Message
A3 Strauss, Dove Sei?
A4 Bossanova Du Du Da
A5 La Ranocchia Impazzita

Side B:
B1 Mi Manchi Troppo
B2 A Taste Of Beat
B3 Barocco, Ma Non Troppo
B4 Rio Tu Ed Io

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