Ron Trent / Trinidadian Deep

Missing Soul

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Record Label
Future Vision

About this item

Remixes of two different tracks by Japanese artist, Missing Soul. One by Ron Trent and the other by NYC's Trinidadian Deep. "Regard" gets the big Ron treatment; currently undergoing somewhat of a 2nd wind (actually make that the 4th or 5th wind) - Ron Trent's in pure purple patch mode at present - every week a new track seems to come in that's absolutely killer. He's kept that dreamy, spiritual, organic vibe true for this rework - littering the mix with glistening pads, ethnic percussion, emotive keys and his trademark rubbery bass sound which iconized the Electric Blue series. Trinidadian Deep gets to work on "Across My Mind" - perfectly in fitting with Ron deep spiritual A-side, TD keeps the vibe as he layers up another gorgeous soundbed of exotic (and sexy) female spoken word, radiant pad sequences, fizzing synth splurges and a hypnotic, tribal groove. Both sides are perfect examples of deep spiritual house, and we shouldn't expect anything less from these masters of the genre. Essential stuff for the global deep house community! 

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